Michael Bartlett

Georgia Athletic Association Professor, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

Research Interests: ADME of drugs and environmental toxicants; impact of compounds on memory,
cognition, and neuropathic pain; oligonucleotide therapeutics and biomarkers

Steven Beach

Distinguished Research Professor, Psychology; Co-Director, Center for Family Research

Research Interests: Epigenetics, marital and family processes, marital discord, depression and anxiety in close relationships, self-processes in relationships

Mark Brown

Professor, Entomology

Research Interests: Neuro-endocrinology of development, reproduction, and metabolism in insects; evolution of peptide hormone structure and function

Jarrod call
Jarrod Call

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology (Exercise Science Programs)

Research Interests: Skeletal muscle physiology, mitochondrial physiology, regenerative medicine, muscle electrophysiology

Paige Carmichael

Professor, Pathology

Research Interests: Inherited diseases, general pathology, ophthalmic pathology, digestive pathology, integumentary pathology

Brett Clementz Headshot
Brett Clementz

Professor, Psychology; Director of the Bio-Imagining Research Center (BIRC)

Research Interests: Structural, functional & genetic abnormalities in schizophrenia

Julie Coffield Headshot
Julie Coffield

Associate Professor, Toxicology

Research Interests: Toxicology, neurotoxicology, cellular mechanisms of Botulinum neurotoxins

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Brian Condie

Associate Professor, Genetics

Research Interests: Genetic analysis of mouse pharyngeal development and the development of new tools for chromosome engineering

Cummings, Brian1
Brian Cummings

Professor, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences;
Professor and Director, Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program

Research Interests: Molecular toxicology, cell signaling, prostate cancer, anti-cancer, kidney

Description: Krzysztof Czaja is a research professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine.
Date of Photo: 7/23/2015
Credit: Peter Frey, University of Georgia
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Krzysztof Czaja

Associate Professor, Veterinary Biosciences & Diagnostic Imaging

Research Interests: See website

Steve Dalton

Professor, Cellular Biology; GRA Eminent Scholar of Molecular Cell Biology

Research Interests: Stem cell biology, development of cell therapies for type 1 diabetes and cardiovascular disease; pluripotent stem cells in early development and induced pluripotent stem cells; cell reprogramming

Claire re-shoot crop_resized
Claire de La Serre

Assistant Professor, Foods and Nutrition

Research Interests: Pathways by which diet composition affects energy balance; influence of energy-dense diets on gut microbiota composition, gastrointestinal (GI) functions and inflammation; how changes in microbiota composition can affect gut-brain signaling to promote overeating

Rodney K. Dishman Headshot
Rodney K. Dishman

Professor, Kinesiology

Research Interests: see website

Edwards, Gaylen1
Gaylen L. Edwards

Department Head, Physiology & PharmacologyGeorgia Athletic Association Professorship in Veterinary Medicine

Research Interests: Neural processing of abdominal sensory information. Control of ingestive behavior and autonomic function

Jonathan Eggenschwiler

Associate Professor, Genetics

Research Interests: Mechanisms controlling tissue patterning during mammalian embryonic development

Adviye Ergul

Regents’ Professor, Physiology; Co-Director Physiology Graduate Program
Augusta University

Research Interests: see website

Susan Fagan

Distinguished Research Professor, Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy; Assistant Dean, Augusta University Program

Research Interests: Stroke, experimental therapeutics, angiotensin modulation, recovery, angiogenesis, vascular protection

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Nikolay (Nick) M. Filipov

Professor, Physiology and Pharmacology

Research Interests: Neurotoxicology; neuroimmunology — communication of the nervous and immune systems in health and disease; basal ganglia disorders

Dorothy Munkenbeck Fragaszy

Professor, Psychology; Director of the Primate Behavior Laboratory

Research Interests: Flexible instrumental behavior (problem-solving), perception, manipulation, and skill learning in primates (capuchin monkeys); the developmental bases of flexible behavior, and the contribution of social learning and social context to the expression of flexible behavior

James Franklin

Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

Research Interests: Mechanisms underlying neuronal apoptosis with a focus on the basic cellular mechanism by which mitochondria contribute to this type of neuronal death, as well as the role of mitochondria in Alzheimer’s disease; drug discovery for treatment of filaria infections in humans, animals and plants

Silvia Giraudo

Associate Professor, Foods and Nutrition

Phil Holmes

Professor, Behavior and Brain Science Program (Psychology); Neuroscience Program Chair; Medical Partnership Faculty

Shelley Hooks

Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

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Daichi Kamiyama

Assistant Professor, Cellular Biology

Environmental portrait of Lohitash Karumbaiah at the Innovation Gateway offce.
Lohitash Karumbaiah

Associate Professor of Regenerative Medicine, Regenerative Bioscience Center, Animal and Dairy Science

Williams Kisaalita

Professor, Chemical, Materials, and Biomedical Engineering

Peter Kner
Peter Kner

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. James Lauderdale - in zebra fish lab (with brain)
James Lauderdale

Associate Professor, Cellular Biology; Graduate Coordinator, Neuroscience

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Jae-Kyung Lee

Assistant Professor, Physiology and Pharmacology

Hongxiang Liu. Phot by Paul Efland.
Hongxiang Liu

Assistant Professor, Animal & Dairy Science

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Tianming Liu

Distinguished Research Professor, Computer Science

Jennifer McDowell

Professor & Chair, Behavior and Brain Science Program (Psychology); BioImaging Research Center