Journal Club



Journal Club (NEUR 8030) is a weekly opportunity for the UGA Neuroscience community to discuss its primary literature. Unless otherwise indicated, all sessions are held in Coverdell N104 from 4:00-5:00 every 2nd-4th/5th Tuesday.

Students of the Neuroscience PhD Program are encouraged to regularly present and discuss a paper they deem important. To participate, contact Adriana Copley ( Be sure to include a proposed date and your chosen paper. Literature will be disseminated to the Neuroscience community at least a week prior.


The Monthly Neuroscience Seminar Series is held the 1st Tuesday of every month in Coverdell S175 at 4:00. These talks are always open to the general public.


To receive the latest regarding our Journal Club literature selections and monthly Seminar Series, sign up for our listserv. To do, email In the body of the text, type SUBSCRIBE NEUROJOURNAL-L (may be abbreviated to SUB NEUROJOURNAL-L).

You may leave the listserv at any time. To do so, email In the body of the text, type SIGNOFF NEUROJOURNAL-L (or UNSUB NEUROJOURNAL-L).


1/16JC - Samantha BaxleySingle-cell profiling coupled with lineage analysis reveals vagal and sacral neural crest contributions to the developing enteric nervous system

1/23JC - Sarah SchantzHigh fat diet exacerbates long-term metabolic, neuropathological, and behavioral derangements in an experimental mouse model of traumatic brain injury

1/30JC - Amanda GeorgeBrain-derived tau: a novel blood-based biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease-type neurodegeneration
2/6MNSS - Seungwoo Kang, Augusta UniversityAnnouncement
2/13JC - Lauren BeugelsdykActivating Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Systems in the Nucleus Accumbens, Amygdala, and Bed Nucleus of Stria Terminalis: Incentive Motivation or Aversive Motivation?
2/20JC - Christina EndaraThe neuropeptidergic connectome of C. elegans
2/27JC - Laura Loera-LopezAstrocytes mediate long-lasting synaptic regulation of ventral tegmental area dopamine neurons
3/12MNSS - Trisha Kesar, Emory University (Coverdell 104)Announcement
3/19JC - Jessica HoffmanTelmisartan Protects Mitochondrial Function, Gait, and Neuronal Apoptosis by Activating the Akt/GSK3β/PGC1α Pathway in an MPTP-Induced Mouse Model of Parkinson’s Disease
3/26JC - Brooklyn CrabtreeAssociations among negative life events, changes in cortico-limbic connectivity, and psychopathology in the ABCD Study
4/9JC - Jennifer ArtFunctional neurological restoration of amputated peripheral nerve using biohybrid regenerative bioelectronics
4/16JC - Casey StewartLoss of Elp1 disrupts trigeminal ganglion neurodevelopment in a model of familial dysautonomia
4/23JC - Jung Ha ByunEffects of innate immune receptor stimulation on extracellular α-synuclein uptake and degradation by brain resident cells
4/30JC - Marie Lacour & Anthony SegoTau forms synaptic nano-biomolecular condensates controlling the dynamic clustering of recycling synaptic vesicles
5/7MNSS - Malavika MuruganAnnouncement