Journal Club



Journal Club (NEUR 8030) is a weekly opportunity for the UGA Neuroscience community to discuss its primary literature. Unless indicated, all sessions are held in Coverdell 141 (unless otherwise noted) from 4:00-5:00 every 2nd-4th/5th Tuesday.

Students of the Neuroscience PhD Program are encouraged to regularly present and discuss a paper they deem important. To participate, contact Adriana Copley ( Be sure to include a proposed date and your chosen paper. Literature will be disseminated to the Neuroscience community at least a week prior.


The Monthly Neuroscience Seminar Series is held the 1st Tuesday of every month in Coverdell S175 at 4:00. These talks are always open to the general public.


To receive the latest regarding our Journal Club literature selections and monthly Seminar Series, sign up for our listserv. To do, email In the body of the text, type SUBSCRIBE NEUROJOURNAL-L (may be abbreviated to SUB NEUROJOURNAL-L).

You may leave the listserv at any time. To do so, email In the body of the text, type SIGNOFF NEUROJOURNAL-L (or UNSUB NEUROJOURNAL-L).


1/17 - Room 339JC - Kendall ClayCellular transcriptomics reveals evolutionary identities of songbird vocal circuits
1/31 - Room 339JC - Miranda ArnoldThe role of anterior insular cortex inputs to dorsolateral striatum in binge alcohol drinking
2/7MNSS - Elliot Albers (Georgia State)Announcement
2/14JC - Ellie Decker RamirezGABAA(d) receptor hypofunction in the amygdala-hippocampal circuit underlies stress-induced anxiety
2/21JC - Casey Stewart & Sam BaxleyNewly identified axon types of the facial nerve unveil supplemental neural pathways in the innervation of the face
2/28 - Room 339JC - Amanda George & Brice HudsonEffects of environmental chemicals on the proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells
3/14MNSS - Anumantha KanthasamyAnnouncement
3/21JC - Ana Laura Loera-Lopez & Jessica HoffmanEffects of environmental chemicals on the proliferationLong-term running exercise improves cognitive function and promotes microglial glucose metabolism and morphological plasticity in the hippocampus of APP/PS1 mice and differentiation of neural stem cells
3/28 - Room 339JC - Rachel Hankin & Elijah SterlingTransplantation of clinical-grade human neural stem cells reduces neuroinflammation, prolongs survival and delays disease progression in the SOD1 rats
4/4MNSS - Victor Faundez (Emory)Announcement
4/11 - Room 339JC - Christina Endara & Lauren BeugelsdykExperimenters’ sex modulates mouse behaviors and neural responses to ketamine via corticotropin releasing factor
4/18 - Room 339JC - Destiny ChandlerThe late positive potential as a neurocognitive index of emotion regulatory flexibility
4/25 - Room 339JC - Ruchita Khisty & Prathyusha CotaEnvironmental noise stress disturbs commensal microbiota homeostasis and induces oxi-inflammmation and AD-like neuropathology through epithelial barrier disruption in the EOAD mouse model
5/2MNSS - Usree Bhattacharya (UGA)Announcement