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Landry Goodgame Huffman Receives NIDA F31 Fellowship

“I study development of adolescent brain function (particularly during emotion and reward processing) and its role as an underlying risk factor for later externalizing behaviors such as substance use and conduct problems. I also consider proximal environments—e.g., caregivers, neighborhood, and schools—as contexts that both precipitate and interact with youth neurocognitive function and socioemotional development. With this NRSA fellowship, I will be able to continue studying associations between environmental factors and neurocognitive vulnerabilities for substance use among adolescents while also comparing rural and urban differences. My biggest goal is to promote understanding of why some kids develop substance use problems and others don’t, with the hope that this understanding will improve prevention, intervention, and treatment programs among youth developing in high-risk contexts.”

Neuroscience for Kids (N4K) First Session.