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Interdisciplinary Neuroscience

A PhD program training a new generation of scientists dedicated to expanding our understanding of the nervous system.

Neuroscience Research Education

Over the past three decades, modern neuroscience has expanded our understanding of the brain and behavior and led us to recognize that all forms of disease, from cancer to infectious disease to obesity, are influenced by the nervous system. With each discovery, the field of neuroscience has rapidly expanded and flourished throughout the majority of the nation’s leading research universities. The University of Georgia is no exception.

The BHSI Division of Neuroscience aims to increase collaborative opportunities and enhance the quality and visibility of neuroscience graduate training and research at UGA, while providing support to the community of UGA scientists collectively working in the field. Recognized as an area of strength at UGA, neuroscience research currently spans 15 departments in six schools and colleges across campus. Several investigators at UGA are recognized worldwide for their research in various areas of neuroscience. The total extramural funding for neuroscience research at UGA currently exceeds $11 million.

Student Spotlight: Sadie Nennig

Upcoming Events

11:00 am Cellular Biology Seminar: Dr. De... @ RM 404A, Biological Sciences Building
Cellular Biology Seminar: Dr. De... @ RM 404A, Biological Sciences Building
Sep 26 @ 11:00 am
Department of Cellular Biology Presents: “The Olfactory System Detects Internal Chemical Cues and Is Impacted by Obesity” Dr. Debra Fadool Department of Biological Sciences Florida State University Cellular Biology Seminar: Dr. Debra Fadool Dr. Debra Fadool is a Professor of Biological Science and Director of...
10:00 am Undergraduate Neuroscience Organ... @ Tate Student Center
Undergraduate Neuroscience Organ... @ Tate Student Center
Sep 29 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Undergraduate Neuroscience Organization Bake Sale @ Tate Student Center
The Undergraduate Neuroscience Organization is having a bake sale to fundraise for the Michael J Fox Foundation. They are asking for help either through donated goods or tabling at the bake sale. Either way, you can drop by at any point during the event to...
1:00 pm Neuro Seminar – Mar Sanchez
Neuro Seminar – Mar Sanchez
Oct 4 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Neuro Seminar - Mar Sanchez
NEUROSCIENCE SEMINAR SERIES PRESENTS:   Mar Sanchez, PhD Yerkes Researcher Emory University Mar Sanchez, PhD, studies the neurobiological systems that control stress physiology and emotion regulation. Dr. Sanchez is particularly interested in the effects of early experiences, such as maternal care and social stress, on...